This is about who we are as people.

This isn’t about where we are now. It’s about where we can be if we pay attention to the things that matter to us most.

Many people think there is something special about the quality of life in Nova Scotia. And while that’s true for some, it isn’t true for all.

Nova Scotia is the first province in the country to undertake an exercise this substantial. Understanding why some are doing well and others aren’t will lead to better choices and new collaborations.

The 2018 Index Report allows us to shine a light on our strengths and challenges as a province. The 2019 Survey goes much deeper.

so What’s Different About This Survey?

  • Local teams are already mobilized to ensure the survey results lead to meaningful action in ten unique regions of the province.

  • The survey explores topics that often get forgotten when we consider what makes us happy, healthy, and fulfilled like loneliness, discrimination, healthy work conditions, how we spend our time, and overall life satisfaction. 

  • The survey will help to shine a light on the challenges and opportunities of those who identify as being part of a marginalized or underrepresented group because of the high sample size.

Click to hear directly from some of the people looking forward to working with this new approach.

And everyday Nova Scotians describing what quality of life means to them