We are just getting started.

Engage Nova Scotia is acting as the facilitator for a growing group of  inspired individuals, educators, businesses, community organizations, and all levels of government. Many have been doing related work for decades. We, together, are ready to lead the combination of a wider initiative that gets us working together more creatively and effectively. 

Engage Nova Scotia Website

The Canadian Index of Wellbeing, a national organization based out of the University of Waterloo, is our primary research partner on this initial phase of our work. The CIW regularly reports on the quality of life of Canadians – nationally, provincially, and locally – and advocates for change that reflects our values and places wellbeing at the heart of policy. They are recognized globally as one of the leading organizations measuring wellbeing.

Canadian Index of Wellbeing Website


A growing list of organizations think this is an initiative worth pursuing. 

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