The Environment 

The Environment is the foundation upon which human societies are built and the source of our sustained wellbeing. On a broader level, environmental protection involves the prevention of waste and damage while revitalizing our ecosystems and working towards the sustainability of all our resources.


The Environment is the basis for our health, our communities, and our economy. Despite its fundamental importance to human existence and the natural resource wealth it provides to Nova Scotia, we often fail to appreciate the various ecosystem services provided by nature that sustain human wellbeing. 

The Environment domain identifies trends in the availability and use of natural resources in Nova Scotia’s environment. From the resources that fuel our economy to the medicines that heal us, and the happiness of outdoor enthusiasts to the lessons that guide many religious or spiritual beliefs, the wellbeing of humans depends on the state of the environment. This domain is not an analysis of the sustainability of Nova Scotia‘s environment; instead, it explores natural assets available to all populations, the flow of these resources over time, and some of the impacts of human activity on the environment.

Mark Butler on the Environment