About the Survey

In May and June of 2019, 80 000 Nova Scotia households received an invitation in their mailboxes to participate in a first-of-its-kind survey measuring quality of life across the province. The survey asks how people feel they are doing in eight key areas related to their quality of life.

The information collected from the survey will be compiled and prepared into ten regional reports scheduled to be released early in 2020. Those reports will then serve as the foundation for innovative approaches to priority setting and planning at a local level for years to come. This map shows where those regional groups are organized.

What’s Different About This Survey?

  • Local teams are already mobilized to ensure the survey results lead to meaningful action in ten unique regions of the province.

  • The survey explores topics that often get forgotten when we consider what makes us happy, healthy, and fulfilled like loneliness, discrimination, healthy work conditions, how we spend our time, and overall life satisfaction. 

  • The survey will help to shine a light on the challenges and opportunities of those who identify as being part of a marginalized or underrepresented group because of the high sample size.