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What Does it Mean to Live a Meaningful Life?

Some might say that living a meaningful life is about becoming successful at something you feel passionate about or accumulating enough wealth to do the things you love. For me, it’s about serving others. I strongly believe that when we serve others, we are also serving ourselves. Serving others can be as simple as helping someone struggling to carry their groceries or helping a neighbour with their garden. But in order to be able to serve others we have to first care for ourselves, meaning that we have to nourish different aspects of our well-being. But what is ‘well-being’? Let’s visualize what this might look like. I believe that well-being can be broken down into three key pieces that are intrinsically interconnected: our mental health, our physical health, and our social health.


Mental Health

Life becomes significantly more difficult to manage when your mind is suffering. It is said that one in five Canadians will face mental health issues in any given year. Yet, our mental health services remain insufficient, inadequate and under-financed. Not having adequate support through one’s mental health journey can be paralyzing. Nonetheless, there are preventive measures that we can all take to help care for our mental health and in turn destigmatize the issue. Here are some good mental health habits  to keep in mind:

  • Work towards a healthy self-esteem

  • Create positive support systems around you

  • Get involved in your community 

Share with Engage Nova Scotia the steps you’re taking in your own life to care for your mental health in the comments below!

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Physical Health 

In Canada, only 7% of kids and 15% of adults are getting the recommended amounts of physical activity. It is important to prioritize physical activity as it contributes greatly to our overall health and well-being. Not only does regular exercise prevent or manage many health problems and concerns, it also uplifts our mood and increases our energy levels. Moreover, physical activity can be beneficial to our social health when we get our friends and family involved! 

What are you doing in your everyday life to get your body movin’? 

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Social Health

The longest study on happiness conducted by Harvard University established that good relationships are at the core of our well-being. More importantly, we need to have genuine connections. But how do we achieve these genuine connections? Some believe that it’s by practicing Positive Alacrity, which involves creating positive and meaningful experiences for others. How often do you let the people in your life know that you appreciate them or that you are thinking of them? Small gestures like these can truly make someone’s day!

You can find great examples of Positive Alacrity to apply in your own life here.

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Continuing the Conversation

What does well-being mean to you? What brings you meaning and purpose in life? Tell us all about it by submitting a comment below!

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